Monday, 5 May 2014

Splish Splash Splatter

What a great birthday party idea!  The 8 kids invited loved being able to get dirty.  The instructor first gave each child a 4 pocket palette letting them pick out their own personal color scheme.......such as blueberry blue, pretty in pink, yelling yellow and oh so orange.  Following the golden rule, " it doesn't matter" off to the party booth they went.

After a big happy birthday chant the paint splatters started.  Shrieks and laughter filled the studio and of  lots of pictures and videos were taken by us mommies.

After the personal painting were finished, on to the birthday canvas to memorialize this milestone.   Colored in totally teal there was a 4 step process to complete this group gift.   Paint brushes to splatter the paint, balloons filled with paint to make a burst of paint and finally a squirt gun to fire off blasts of color.

After a quick group photo of the artists, off to the wash bucket for snacks and gifts.

If the amount of paint on faces hands clothing and hair were any indication of the level of fun had this party will be remembered for years to come.

Happy Birthday to Spunky 

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